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2018/2019 Sports Schedules

To view a sports schedule:

* go to the homepage of the school website,

* click on Official District Online Calendar,

* on the right hand side of the screen, you will see
   a box with the title: View Schedules,

* highlight the schedule you would like to see
   and click on View,

* a new screen will open up with the schedule.

Schedules can be printed, emailed or
downloaded from this screen.





Wausaukee Ranger Sports

2018/2019 Winter Sports



Varsity/Junior Varsity Varsity/Junior Varsity
Junior High Junior High
Coaches Wanted


Junior High Football Coach

Varsity Cross Country

The Wausaukee School District  is a seeking energetic, motivated team players who will contribute to a strong athletic program beginning in the 2019/2020 school year. Experience playing and coaching is desired.  The coach will schedule practices and attend all games. The individual will work cooperatively with the athletic director to maintain a balanced program that includes conditioning, skill development and sportsmanship.  Wausaukee maintains high academic standards for student athletes and is seeking a role model who shares the emphasis of the athletic department as stated in the District’s Activities’ Code and is outlined in its Coaches Handbook.  


Apply by sending a letter of interest to Matt Parkansky, Athletic Director at P.O. Box 258 Wausaukee, WI 54177 or by email . Applications will be accepted until position is filled. The School District of Wausaukee is an equal opportunity employer.

Extra- & Co-Curricular Activity Participation

The School District of Wausaukee sponsors extra- and co-curricular programs to provide students with additional opportunities for personal growth, self-discipline, skill development, cooperation with others, creativity, and fun.  Although it is understood that the main purpose for attending school is to obtain an education, extra- and co-curricular programs are also supported as a valuable part of the total educational experience.

School-sponsored activities include any school related organized activity that is offered outside of academic course requirements.

Participation in any of these activities is a privilege, which carries additional responsibilities.  The standards outlined in the Student Activities Code will help to ensure that the involved students serve as a credit to themselves, their family, their school, and the communities.  A student is required to follow the school’s code of conduct on a year-round (12-month) basis—24/7/365.

It is recognized that personal problems can act as a deterrent to the health and well being of students and their ability to participate in extra-curricular activities.  This code therefore includes provisions for support, in order to help students achieve their full potential.


Parkansky Matt

Matt Parkansky

School District of Wausaukee

Atheltic Director
715-856-5151 Ext 123




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