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2018/2019 Sports Schedules

To view a sports schedule:

* go to the homepage of the school website,

* click on Official District Online Calendar,

* on the right hand side of the screen, you will see
   a box with the title: View Schedules,

* highlight the schedule you would like to see
   and click on View,

* a new screen will open up with the schedule.

Schedules can be printed, emailed or
downloaded from this screen.





Wausaukee Ranger Sports

Coaches Wanted


Junior High Football Coach

Varsity Cross Country

The Wausaukee School District  is a seeking energetic, motivated team players who will contribute to a strong athletic program beginning in the 2019/2020 school year. Experience playing and coaching is desired.  The coach will schedule practices and attend all games. The individual will work cooperatively with the athletic director to maintain a balanced program that includes conditioning, skill development and sportsmanship.  Wausaukee maintains high academic standards for student athletes and is seeking a role model who shares the emphasis of the athletic department as stated in the District’s Activities’ Code and is outlined in its Coaches Handbook.  


Apply by sending a letter of interest to Matt Parkansky, Athletic Director at P.O. Box 258 Wausaukee, WI 54177 or by email . Applications will be accepted until position is filled. The School District of Wausaukee is an equal opportunity employer.

Extra- & Co-Curricular Activity Participation

The School District of Wausaukee sponsors extra- and co-curricular programs to provide students with additional opportunities for personal growth, self-discipline, skill development, cooperation with others, creativity, and fun.  Although it is understood that the main purpose for attending school is to obtain an education, extra- and co-curricular programs are also supported as a valuable part of the total educational experience.

School-sponsored activities include any school related organized activity that is offered outside of academic course requirements.

Participation in any of these activities is a privilege, which carries additional responsibilities.  The standards outlined in the Student Activities Code will help to ensure that the involved students serve as a credit to themselves, their family, their school, and the communities.  A student is required to follow the school’s code of conduct on a year-round (12-month) basis—24/7/365.

It is recognized that personal problems can act as a deterrent to the health and well being of students and their ability to participate in extra-curricular activities.  This code therefore includes provisions for support, in order to help students achieve their full potential.


Parkansky Matt

Matt Parkansky

School District of Wausaukee

Atheltic Director
715-856-5151 Ext 123


Sports Schedules

            JV Baseball

        Varsity Baseball

           JV Softball

       Varsity Softball

Varsity Golf



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