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Virtual Learning Center

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Juniors and Seniors complete online courses through the Youth Options program, whereby they can take college-level courses while in high school. The courses earn the students both college and high school credit and move them closer to their post-secondary goals. Students are also completing on line studies through Wisconsin E-school Network (WEN) that are not available in-house. 

Statistics: 2012/13 school year had 38 students complete 55 college-credit online courses in the VLC- earning them both HS and college credits.  2013/14-  47 students with total of 60 classes, and the 2014/15 school year had 37 students with a total of 52 classes. Many students completed Wisconsin E-school Network (WEN) courses along with the Youth Options Dual-Credit, totaling 104 classes in the VLC. Total  classes completed to date, through NWTC, UW, or WEN, since 2012 is 428!  Online coursework continues to grow, as there are a total of 170 classes completed this year.