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NWTC Northwoods Regional Technical Academy


Instructors on-Site


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Wally Remic

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 Kevin Grabian.jpg  Kevin Grabian

Electro-Mechanical and  Engineering

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Jerry Lintz Entrepreneurship

Welding Program






Located within the Wausaukee High School, the NWTC Northwoods Regional Technical Academy is a sign of the growing partnership between rural school districts and their communities and NWTC.

Classes for 2014/15


welder.png  Welding–(Fall)  Welding Cutting Visual, Welding-Shielded Metal Arc for 1styear students and Blueprint Reading 1 and Metal Fabrication for 2ndyear students.  (Spring) Welding-Gas Metal Arc for 1styear students and Welding-Flux Core for 2ndyear students.

Automotive– (Fall) Auto Service Fundamentals and Electrical Systems for 1styear students and Brake Systems for 2ndyear students.  (Spring) Steering & Suspension for 1styear students and Engine Repair 1 and Alternative Fuels for 2ndyear students.


Electro-Mechanical and Engineering Technology–(Fall) First and Second Year Students will complete 16 of the following courses:  Digital 1, Digital 2, DC1 Intro, DC2 Circuits, Digital 3, Digital 4, Digital 5, Digital 6, DC3 Circuit Theorems, Machine Wiring, Robotics, AC1, AC2, AC3, Electronics 1, Electronics 2, Electronics 3, Automation 1, and Automation 2