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National Geographic Bee

Study for the Bee

National Geographic Bee 


What's the best way for students to prepare for the Bee? Here are some tips from the National Geographic Bee Official Study Guide:

• Getting Geographic Activities: Teachers can use these activities in the classroom to prepare students for the bee!

• Investigating the School Neighborhood

• Exploring Landscapes Beneath the Oceans

• Reading Highway Maps

• Creating a State Postcard

• Constructing/Interpreting Climate Graphs

• Geography in the News

• Investigating Big Cats at Risk

• Comparing Density and Distribution

• Constructing 3-Dimensional Maps

• Understanding Time Zones

• Constructing and Interpreting Population Pyramids

• Tracing Migration Routes

• Locating Highest U.S. Elevations

• Interpreting “Earth at Night” Images

• Mapping Global Urbanization

• Tracking Violent Storms

• Exploring Diffusion in Your Community

• A to Z Geo-Scavenger Hunt

• Get the Necessary Tools: A good, up-to-date world map, atlas, and geography reference book are your best study tools, along with blank outline maps with which to practice locating places.

• Learn Map Terminology: Understanding what you're looking at and correctly reading labels and coordinates on a map are essential.

• Understand the Interconnectedness of Geography: Subdivisions of geography, such as physical features, climate, and culture, are all influenced by each other. Once you understand this, it will be easier to categorize and remember information about countries and regions.

• Follow Current Events: News items regarding political upheavals, international agreements, and discoveries are fair game for Bee questions, so make sure you are an informed citizen of the world. See our National Geographic News site for recent stories.

• Analyze the Questions: Visit our Sample Questions page to see the types of questions asked in the Bee and to learn how you can look for clues within the questions to help you figure out the right answers.

•Keep Geography Fun: There are many games you can play to help study for the Bee.

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