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Vocabulary - Vocabulario

Sites that have many types of activities



Vocabulary quizzes - no sound, but word recognition Quia has a great variety of parts of speech, etc.


Listen to telling the time. Verb tenses - matching English and Spanish
Many activities here:

some with sound (sondar)

Brain Pop  TripleA Math in Spanish

AAA Mathpresenta una amplia variedad de lecciones interactivas de aritmética.

Los adjetivos - Adjectives


  In Spanish

Números & Operaciones(Grados 6 - 8)



myOn Reader 




Interactive Sites for Learning English
Links verified 12/4/06
This site was created to provide assistance to Spanish speaking students just learning to speak English.

Variety of Spanish/English activities

Questions in Spanish


Scrapbook Activity

Labels and sentences on each page in English.

Technology used: Digital camera, PrintShop software, Photo editing software, Mapmaker's Toolkit

Topic for pages Verbs Expressions Items
All About Me 


  My name is____.(Me llamo_____.)
I am _____years old.
 Student photo
  • My grade in school.
  • My favorite class.
  • My schedule.
  • My friends.
  • Favorite subject.
Cognates     At least 10 words each in 5 different categories.
Maps Here is... Label main rivers.

Label capitol, 10 largest cities, Wausaukee

Map of Wisconsin

Map of Mexico

Foods to like Likes


Conversation   How are you? I am fine.

What is your name?  My name is____.

Dialogue illustrated with photos from magazines, drawings, etc.
My Family   My mother is ________. etc.

I have _______ brothers.  I have _____sisters.

Shopping and Money